Energy Efficient Windows

ENERGYSTAR® Qualified SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package

What Technologies Make the SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Packages Effective?
Since 80% of a window is made of glass, a substantial amount of heating and cooling savings come from improved glass performance in energy efficient windows.

  • The arrangement of UV-reducing Low-E Glass (LG), insulating argon gas and the Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System creates considerable energy efficiency.
  • Damaging effects of the sun’s rays, including faded carpets, curtains and furniture, are reduced by our windows’ unique ability to block a percentage of UV light.
  • During summer months, a 48% reduction in solar heat transfer minimizes air conditioning costs.
  • In the winter season, a higher glass temperature is preserved, increasing the R-value by an additional 104%.
  • The proven result is that your monthly energy bills will reflect savings year round – making your home and wallet more insulated.

What exactly is Low-E glass (LG) technology?

Low-E glass keeps your home cooler in the summer
Low-E glass filters the sun’s long-wave UV radiation. This reduces the summer’s solar heat gain from the sun, maintaining a lower average temperature in your home.
Low-E glass keeps the heat from getting out in the winter
Low-E glass insulation works differently in the winter months. Keeping the cool air out, the glass traps heated air within the home.

What is the Intercept™ Spacer System?

  • A single piece of metal alloy, the U-channeled design creates a valuable thermal “wall,” reducing conducted thermal loss.
  • The sealed, single-piece style makes for an improved retention of insulating gasses.

How do Intercept™ Spacers add to indoor comfort levels?

  • By keeping the outside edges of the window glass at a higher average temperature, your home feels more comfortable in winter months.

Can Intercept™ Spacers Help Extend the Life of My Windows?

  • LG units are able to expand and contract according to temperature variations, keeping seals to the outside air very tight and secure.
  • In traditional glass units, the seals holding the unit together take the brunt of this flexing force and in time will cause seal failure, resulting in losses of insulating gases.
  • In an Intercept™ LG unit, the spacer flexes (instead of the seals). Spacers resist movement and irreparable sealant failure.

Thermal Indexing Clearly Shows the Differences Between Standard and Low-E Glass.
The left window is a traditionally insulated glass unit. The heat transference is indicated by the green, yellow and orange. From the heat index, the thermal transmittance is much more obviously seen on the left than on the right window, which contains SolarZone™ Low-E insulated glass.
Window Heat Emissions Comparison

Energy Efficient Windows Add Up

  • By adding Low-E glass to a standard insulating glass unit, you can improve the energy performance of your window year-round by 24%.
  • Because argon gas is a better insulator than normal air, adding argon filling to a window can increase its efficiency by another 6%.
  • By adding the Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System, you can add yet another 5%!
  • That’s why your choice of ComfortWorld Windows with the SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package is the most energy efficient window product on the market today!

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